Conference Schedule Update: Current Archaeology of Washington, D.C.

Friday, November 4, 2011 3:15-5:00
Session 6:
Session 6: Current Archaeology of Washington, D.C.
Session Coordinator
Chardé Reid, Assistant Archaeologist
Session Abstract:
Washington, D.C. has an extraordinarily rich archaeological record. A surge of archaeological surveys were conducted for Section 106 compliance during the late development boom and subsequent stimulus projects as well as for upcoming celebrations of the War of 1812.   This session is an overview of current work and demonstrates successful methods and approaches used in this heavily developed urban setting.  Types of targeted data recovery and in-situ preservation variations for a range of client agencies are described.  Volunteer, graduate student, and non-profit archaeological investigations also highlight the importance of research and education efforts conducted outside the legal compliance framework.
Session line-up: (numbers are keyed to the table below with all the data including full title.
1)      Noel Broadbent – War of 1812
2)      Tom Forhan- Rock Creek Park Tenancy
3)      Charde Reid –  DC Parks
4)      Matt Cochran  – St. Elizabeth’s
5)      Paul Kreisa – St. Elizabeth’s
6)      Tara Tetrault – Collections
7)      Charles Cheek – Infrastructure & Urban Life
8)      Alex Jones & Jenn Barbiaz– Archaeology in the Community
Name Title
1. Noel D. Broadbent Excavations in Bladensburg: the site of Joshua Barney’s Engagement with the British on August 24, 1814
Dept. of Anthropology, NMNH, Smithsonian Institution
2. Tom Forhan Cultural Landscapes and “Wilderness”: Historic Archaeology of the Riley Tract Rock Creek Park, Washington, D.C.
Department of Anthropology, University of Maryland at College Park
3. Chardé Reid City Parks: Windows to the Past
Assistant Archaeologist, DC Historic Preservation Office
4. Matthew David Cochran “Cathedrals of Lunacy”: Mental Illness, Moral Treatment, and the Materiality of St. Elizabeths Hospital
5. Paul P. Kreisa It Is A Noble Work: A Search for the Archaeological remains of the Moral Treatment Approach at St. Elizabeths Hospital.
Greenhorne & O’Mara, Inc.
6. Tara Tetrault The Archaeological Collections of Washington, D.C.
Montgomery College
7. Charles Cheek Worthy of the Nation: the Effects of Infrastructure on the Archaeology of Urban Life in Washington, D.C.
John Milner Associates, Inc.
8. Alexandra Jones and Jennifer Babiarz Making a Difference: Community Archaeology and DC Youth
Archaeology in the Community, Inc.

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