How to Register for the Conference….

The Question Everyone’s Been Asking–How do I Register?

Answer: Email:

— click the “email” tab below this post and send it to the address

  • Registration Cost: $20 (on-site at Goethe Institut or MLKML only)
  • Sunday Civil War Fortifications Tour $30 (limit 50 persons)

Please check/indicate the sessions you are interested attending below and email this post to:

Conference Sessions I plan to attend (multiple choice):
Conference Reception Thursday night 
Letitia Woods Brown Lecture Thursday night
Friday 9:30 Plenary: Toward a Digital History of Civil War Washington
Friday 11:00 Session 1: Built Environment of DC
Friday 11:00 Session 2: Researching Public School history
Friday 12:30 History Network
Friday 1:30 Session 3: African American Washington
Friday 1:30 Session 4: Civil War Defenses of Washington, D.C.
Friday 3:15 Session 5: Documenting the local Soviet Jewry movement
Friday 3:15 Session 6: Current Archaeology of Washington, D.C.
Saturday 9:30 Plenary: Social History of Washington, DC
Saturday 11:00 Session 7: 150 Years of Policing Washington, DC
Saturday 11:00 Session 8: Contrabands in the DC Area
Saturday 1:30 Session 9: DC Neighborhoods
Saturday 1:30 Session 10: DC History on the Web
Saturday 1:30 Tour 1: Lafayette Square
Saturday 3:15 Session 11: Neighborhood history
Saturday 3:15 Session 12: Political Collections
Saturday 3:15 Tour 2: Prohibition Washington
Sunday 11:00 Tour of Civil War Fortifications (limit 50 persons)

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