Conference Schedule Update: Tour Synopsis: The Temperance Tour

Tour Synopsis: The Temperance Tour 
Washington, DC was expected to be the model dry city for Prohibition, but it turned out to be anything but that, as the city had 3,000 speakeasies and Congress employed its own bootleggers. How did Americans come to the extreme point of changing the Constitution to ban alcohol? The answer was in the temperance movement. Join Garrett Peck, author of Prohibition in Washington, DC: How Dry We Weren’t, on the Temperance Tour ( to explore the origins of Prohibition.
The tour begins at the Cogswell Temperance Fountain (7th & Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, across from the Archives/Navy Memorial Station). It continues to theNational Portrait Gallery to talk about Lincoln’s views on alcohol and see where Lincoln had his second inaugural ball. We’ll end at Calvary Baptist Church (8th & H Streets, NW) where the Anti-Saloon League had its first national convention in 1895. For those with time (and thirst), a happy hour with a cash bar will follow at PS-7’s, just a block from Calvary Baptist. Garrett will have copies of Prohibition in Washington, DC on hand for sale and signing.
1) Date: Saturday, November 5, 2011
2) Time: 3:15 – 5:00pm
3) Cost: FREE!
4) No registration is required – just show up.
5) The tour start is within easy walking distance of the DC Historical Society Conference, and we’ll end a block from the MLK Library. Look for Garrett at the conference, and he can lead you directly there about 3:00pm.
6) Follow the tour route and see pictures of our destinations at (note that we won’t be visiting the Woodrow Wilson House).

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