Tremendous turnout for Letitia Woods Brown Lecture

Professor Kenneth Winkle


So far the 38th Annual Conference has been a smashing success!

We had a standing-room-only turnout for the conference reception and the Letitia Woods Brown Lecture Thursday night at the Goethe Institut in Chinatown. Concluding the reception and leading into the lecture Clarence Davis from the DC Archives, Ida Williams from the Recorder of Deeds, and DC Surveyor Rick Dreist spoke briefly on their offices and each answered questions from the audience.

Letitia Woods Brown lecturer Professor Kenneth Winkle gave an understated and very well-received overview of Civil War Washington.

Bruce Guthrie’s photos of the slide show

Conference Committee members Brett Abrams, Jeffrey Donahoe, Mark Greek, Adam Lewis, John Muller, John Richardson, Mary Ternes, and Jason Moore (eo) deserve much credit for their hard work in smoothly handling all the logistical details which go into bringing off a successful conference.

Conference reception check-in


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