Building on success

Friday Plenary Session

The Friday plenary session had an overflow audience, much like the Brown lecture the evening previous.
Professor Winkle and his team explored the contents of their a collaborative digital humanities research project, Civil War Washington through an interconnected set of texts, databases, images, interactive maps, and analytical essays.

The following sessions shifted from the Library’s fourth floor down to the third and filled the Washingtoniana Division and Black Studies splitting an overall attendance of nearly 200.

Friday 11:00 Session 1: Built Environment of DC
Friday 11:00 Session 2: Researching Public School history

Friday 12:30 History Network

Quiet moment at the History Network in MLKML Lobby

The History Network proved very popular with over a dozen extremely varied organizations participating.

The afternoon saw two sets of concurrent sessions sharing a robust attendance.
Friday 1:30 Session 3: African American Washington
Friday 1:30 Session 4: Civil War Defenses of Washington, D.C.

Friday 3:15 Session 5: Documenting the local Soviet Jewry movement
Friday 3:05 Session 6: Current Archaeology of Washington, D.C.

Also very popular was the Washingtoniana Division’s first ever book sale.


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