More Conference Presentations!

More conference presentations have been uploaded to the conference
website, including
* the published version of Blair Ruble’s 2010 Letitia Woods Brown Lecture,
* a video of Kenneth Winkle’s 2011 Letitia Woods Brown Lecture, and
* 15 presentations from 10 different conference sessions

2011 Conference Papers

Why Washington History Matters (2010 Letitia Woods Brown Lecture)
[published in Washington History]

2011 Letitia Woods Brown Lecture Thursday night – Lincoln’s Citadel
[YouTube video]

Friday 11:00 Session 1: Built Environment of DC

From Gritty to Garden City – Chris Shaheen

Washington Sketchbook: Drawings by R. L. Dickinson Slides – Gail
Washington Sketchbook: Drawings by R. L. Dickinson, 1917-1918 Notes –
Gail Spilsbury

Friday 1:30 Session 3: African American Washington

A District of Columbia Freedmen’s Cemetery in Virginia? Arlington’s
Section 27 – Timothy Dennee

Friday 3:15 Session 6: Current Archaeology of Washington, D.C.

Worthy of the nation: The Effects of Infrastructure on the Archeology
of Urban Life in the District of Columbia – [a look at Square 530 –
F/G/3rd/4th Sts NW] – Charles D. Cheek

Saturday 9:30 Plenary: Social History of Washington, DC

Prohibition in Washington, DC: How Dry We Weren’t – Garrett Peck

Female Federal Employees In DC – Jessica Ziparo

Saturday 11:00 Session 7: 150 Years of Policing Washington, DC

On Being Black in an Overwhelmingly White Police Department – Sandra
K. Schmidt

Saturday 11:00 Session 8: Contrabands in the DC Area

Freedmen’s experience on Theodore Roosevelt Island – Jonathan Pliska

Saturday 1:30 Session 9: DC Neighborhoods

Our Own Outrageous Ontario – Adam Rubin

Segregation in Truxton Circle 1880-1930 – Marie Maxwell

Saturday 1:30 Session 10: DC History on the Web

Blogging DC History – John De Ferrari
H-DC – Matthew Gilmore

Saturday 3:15 Session 11: Neighborhood history

Capitol View presentation – Patricia Hallman
African American Architects & Builders of Eastland Gardens – Javier

Saturday 3:15 Session 12: Political Collections

Local DC Politics in Records in the DC Public Library’s Washingtoniana
Division – Derek Gray

2011 Conference Papers

More will be posted as made available (some are still Powerpoint
presentations–these will probably be reloaded as PDFs.


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